Tips for Playing Auto Chess Mobile

Games with the auto battle genre are now in demand among gamers. Auto Chess is a game that is widely played today for the mobile version.This game that requires a special strategy is indeed quite draining the minds of the players. This is so that players get the perfect synergy effect and skill.

In fact, the synergy must be carefully thought out as needed in order to win the match. Here are some things that must be considered in order to easily win the match.

  1. Gold Management

Gold earned from each round should be used wisely.

In addition, the gold owned can be doubled which can be used for the next round. The number of multiples of gold is 10% of the total gold you have at the end of the round.So, don’t always spend gold in every round, save gold with a certain limit.

At the beginning of the game, don’t waste gold just to reroll or increase levels.

If you want to increase the level, you can do it in round 4 and round 9. If at the beginning you often lose because you don’t get the hero or chess piece you want to upgrade, then don’t panic because the comeback mechanism in the Auto Chess game is very good.

It’s good, you can save gold at the beginning of the game up to 55 gold in order to have a stable income in the next round.

  1. Don’t be tempted by 3 stars

Even though 3-star units are very strong and can turn things around, that doesn’t mean you have to collect them. You just need to synergize 2 stars with the right combination judi slot online.

Classic combos like Troll and Hunter or Warrior with Orc are examples of combos that are very powerful and can win matches easily.

  1. Use the easiest combo

If you don’t get the class and clan you want or are stuck, you can use an easy combo between Goblin and Mech, Glacier and Knight, or you can always use Mech or Feathered.

For Goblin and Mech combos, they can produce an additional effect of 12 armor and additional blood regeneration of up to 10 HP.

To get this effect, you can collect Chess Pieces from the Goblin and Mech class. To perfect the combo is indeed difficult, because one of these six heroes is a Legendary hero.

If all six have been collected, you can combine with the spirit nation to get the effect of turning enemies into stone if you are attacking your enemy. Second, you can use the Glacier and Knight combo. The Glacier Nation can increase attack speed to all heroes on the deck. You must collect four different heroes from the Glacier class for the effect to appear.

  1. Combination of items

Not only thinking about the combination of heroes, you also have to think about which items you should attach to the hero.These items can also be upgraded to make more powerful items.