What’s The Best Time to Buy a Car?

The best time to buy a car can vary by many ideas, thoughts and money. Let’s face it the reason to buy a car is because you need a car. Now if you’re just buying a car because you want it. That is a whole different set of parameters that we will not get into too much. So you need to buy a car. When is the best time to buy a car? 

There are many different factors that can play into this decision. Low interest rates on your car loan is very important and can motivate buying a car. When the holidays come around it seems like a good time to buy a car, and it can be. The end of the month and year are always good for sales. New model cars are coming out, this is a very good time to invest in a car. However, I still believe the best time to buy a new car is when you need one. It’s like the law of supply and demand, except on a personal level.

Paying for the car is a big factor in the decision to purchase one. Keep your eye on the Federal Reserve’s treatment of the interest rates on loans. This is simple to do because it will be on the news if The Fed is going to change the rate. There are two options to securing a car loan. The bank is one, the dealership is the other. 

Check out and see if your Dodge dealership in New Jersey can offer a decent percentage rate on your car loan. If you want to compare go to your bank and show them what you want to borrow money for and see what they can offer. Remember it is your money.

The T.V. is full of commercials around the holidays prompting you to purchase a car. That’s fine. Go see what they have to offer. Remember to play the dealerships off one another. Who can give you a car for Christmas? It’s up to you. Dodge dealerships in New Jersey will be offering discounts and incentives around all holidays. 

Cash back is a popular theme, use it. Christmas falls at the end of the year so it’s a really prime time to play the just looking game. The dealerships want to move last year’s stock out to bring in next year. So the ball is in your court and it’s your serve. There are always end of the month sales quotes to make and salesman’s bonuses to motivate their selling practices. Let’s face it they have to sell the old to bring in the new.

I still believe the best time to purchase a car is when you need a car. Plan ahead if possible. If your present car is on its last legs, well time to save up for a down payment. Do not put yourself in an emergency situation. You do not want to be there. 

That’s when you really need a car. That will put you in a bad state of mind and you are vulnerable to the car dealers. They will prey upon your sense of insecurity and pounce on you, like a fat cat on a summer junebug. Be smart and practice proactive behavior. It’s not that hard.

The best time to buy a car is when you are ready to buy a car. Look for low interest rates. Use the holidays and the end of the year for leverage. Remember the dealerships need to sell this year’s models before they can sell next year. The ball is in your court, and it’s your serve.