5 New Year Resolutions That a Biker Should Consider For Safe Motorcycle Ride In 2020

Now that Santa has come and gone, its time that you welcome the New Year. And that means two things, first is to plan a party and second is to think of some interesting new year resolutions. If you are a motorcycle junkie then it might be not boring at all as you can involve your bike for new year resolution. Here are some New year resolutions that bike lovers can stick to. 

Invest In Riding Gear and Two Wheeler Insurance

This thing is common among the bikers that once they go down with a bike, it is their bank account and health which takes a hit. But believe it or not, riding gear and two wheeler insurance can help you to prevent yourself from such situations. Although its two different things delivers a common benefit that is protection and security. Protection for your health and security for your money. So, for everyone who is riding a bike, set some money aside and get yourself these two things. You will be glad you did.

More Off-Road Riding

Riding on dirt is the best way to furnish your riding skills. Be it braking, throttle inputs, getting the feel of grip or anything else, off-road riding will make you a sensible rider. Its tougher to ride on off-road than an actual one, but, if you can handle and ride a bike on off road, then you will become a better rider on the road. 

Attend A Riding School

Going to a riding school will help you massively. Be it dealing with emergency situations, improving reaction time, becoming a better and safer rider and improving pace on a motorcycle, attending a riding school can help you to a great extent. Invest your time and money to this and you will realize soon that the rewards are much folds.

Do At Least 2 Motorcycle Road Trips

Riding without a care in the world is the most refreshing thing that anyone could have and this thing can be delivered by only two things- going to a road trip or by buying bike insurance. Plan well for leaves from the office and finance and then when the day comes, just pack your bags and go out. It is a great way of unwinding and setting a reset button.

Learn Basic DIY Stuff

No one is telling you to become a mechanic or to learn how to mend a broken gearbox. It’s just you should be able to change the headlamp, tighten and grease your chain, fix a puncture and other basic things. It’s easier than going after your local mechanic for small changes. It helps you to deepen the bond between you and bike too. So, think about it and start learning small tactics. 

Lastly, the most crucial new year resolution, of course, is to enjoy yourself. Hopefully, reading this helps you to ride your bike safely and with full protection in 2020.