Useful tips to important your dream car safely

There is no doubt that high-end luxurious cars never fail to fascinate people. Everyone has a dream to drive such cars. But there some obstacles in this segment which has forced people to give up. Cars from popular international brands, like Bentley, Ducati, Rolls Royce and more have become a dream for car lovers.

But you may not find your favorite model in your area or country. So, who to buy your dream car? Well, you can now important your car. It is now quite easy to get this done. All you need to know about the advantages of car import from Switzerland and you can get your dream car. Here are some useful tips that can help you with this.

Tips to consider for importing your car from other countries

  1. Conduct research properly

First, you need to check whether the vehicle can be imported to your country or not. Understand the important options and costs related to this. The import cost may include shipping, permit, taxes, delivery, customs duties and more. Besides, you need to understand the rules related to obtaining the permits and making necessary arrangements. So, check all these things to enjoy a hassle-free car import Switzerland.

  1. Go for the care import approval

If you are not already registered with the concerned department, then register now. You can complete the application form and apply online by paying specific fees. It is an important step as without approval; you won’t be able to import your car.

  1. Getting the car import approval

Within a few days, you can get your car import approval. You may get it by email. The approval will carry important information like rules for using the car in your country.

  1. Arranging to ship of the car

Before shipping, make sure that the vehicle is cleaned properly through the steam cleaning process. It will remove materials which can lead to quarantine damage. Besides, make sure that the car’s air-conditioning gas has been removed. It is not a compulsory step, but you can do it to making the shipping safe. For this, you can hire professional car import service providers who can offer car import services.

  1. Obtain the customs clearance papers

For this, you need to file the important declaration form. Then you will have to pay the fees for GST, customs duty, luxury car tax and more.

  1. Meet your country’s quarantine requirements

You need to file a quarantine entry form with the concerned department. Then you need to arrange an inspection appointment.

Once you get your car, you need to go for a technical test of the car at the road traffic office. The authority will check the vehicle and make sure that the car is fit to run on the road.

It will be best for you to clean the car’s engine before going to the technical test. Besides, you need to conduct an exhaust emissions test of the car. Once all done, you can get the number plate for your car. So, keep these things in your mind for a safe and secure car import Switzerland.