All You Need to Know About Motorhomes 

A motorhome or motor coach is one of the most popular type of recreational vehicle that runs self-propelled while offering mobile living accommodation. But that’s saying too much in short, we need to add that even in motorhomes, you find three different varieties, which are universally named as Class A, Class B or Camper Van, and Class C Motorhomes.

Each of these varieties offer different range of features, to purpose different travel purposes, clarified the Spring Valley RV dealer. They also took pleasure in showing us a model from each category, and that did inspire us to share with all the RV lovers, what we came to know.

Class A Motorhome

Built mostly on the same platform as the buses and the commercial trucks, the Class A motorhomes are the largest of RVs you can find anywhere. It is meant to accommodate a large group of people who can find their own space in the large sized rooms for all the passengers, while enjoying the fun together under the same roof. From sleeping to lounging areas, from a fully equipped kitchen to modern bathrooms, the Class A vehicles offer the highest possible amenities to the RV travelers.

Class A motorhomes are usually powered either by a regular gasoline engine or a diesel one. Among the two, the Diesel motorhomes are nicknamed as “pushers” mainly because the engine in these models is placed at the rear end to push the coach smoothly down the road.

Class B Camper Van

Among the three types of motorhomes, Class B is the smallest in size. They are usually streamlined in terms of features and utility. They are compact RVs that are always ready to roll. With nimble handling more fuel efficient engines working under the hood, these motorhomes are more popular and widely sold in comparison to the Class A and Class C motorhomes. The living space offered I a Class B motorhome, which is also known as camper van suits best for the small groups. But they also offer all the luxurious amenities like beds, kitchens and restrooms, but in smaller sizes.

The Class B motorhomes look sleek, and are crafted on modern designs that utilizes every square inch of the interior space and convert into a posh utility space. Conveniences found in class B motorhomes include a sleeper bedroom, a fully equipped kitchen, a shower cubicle and restroom, while the power equipment includes an overhead air-conditioning system, TV, a power inverter, and a complete home theatre and many more.

Class C Motorhome

Class C motorhomes on the other hand is an ideal RV model that can be used for best outdoor experiences. It is meant for the larger families and yet can be bought at a lower price than the Class A Motorhomes or coaches. The Class C motorhomes can be easily recognized by their raised sleeping and the storage areas that get extended over the cab. The Class C Motorhomes can offer more living space than that of the Class B Motorhomes, but they are smaller than the Class A Motor coaches.

The Class C motorhomes are run on gasoline-engines or by a front-engine diesel. These are RVs ideally made to accommodate a medium group of travelers, and that makes this type sold more often than the Class A motorhomes, revealed the Spring Valley RV dealership.