5 Powerful Ways to Shine & Care for Motor Body

Having a motorbike that is always clean and smooth is the dream of every two-wheeler driver. Keeping it smooth is a matter of pride. On the other hand, motorbikes that are still in good condition have a higher selling price than motorbikes with improvised conditions. Therefore, every day we will meet many riders who bathe their motorbikes in the morning and at night. 

Unfortunately, just doing that is not enough to take care of our beloved motorcycle body. Especially in parts that have been exposed to many scratches such as the black motorcycle deck between the steering wheel and the seat. There are several ways and tricks to make it smooth again. One of them is by using a hairdryer on the part that gets scratched until it turns black. 

Well, besides that there are many more ways to shine your favorite motorbike. Wanna know how? Let’s look at a few things below.

  1. How to wash it first

Washing a motorbike is something that is often taken for granted. Because at first glance it’s just like flushing and rubbing parts of the motor. It’s not that easy though. You must provide a special shampoo for motorbikes to wash your motorbike.

In addition, you are also required to use a 2 bucket system or use two buckets to wash your motorbike. Where 1 bucket contains water and shampoo, while the other bucket is filled with clean water to rinse your applicator. The applicator referred to here is a medium for washing, polishing or applying certain liquids to the motor. It can be foam with large pores, sea sponge, wash mitt and other soft applicators so as not to injure or scratch the motor. 

The washing method is the same as usual, wet the motor, apply soap with an applicator, and rinse thoroughly, then dry. For drying, you can get maximum results by using a microfiber waffle weaf drying towel. The price is quite expensive haha. Alternatively, you can dry it with a cheaper microfiber cloth. Or if you are in a bald condition, you can also use a chamois. 

After washing, we will enter the next process, namely the detailing process . 

  1. Continue in the Claying process 

Claying is the first process of detailing. Its function is to give clay to all parts of the motor body with the aim of lifting stubborn dirt (crust) on our motorcycle body. Use claybar that is lubricated with quick detailer (QD) evenly on our motorcycle body. 

After blending, rub using a microfiber as the applicator. Remember, the applicator used must be different. So what is used for claying is only used for claying . So that the ingredients don’t get mixed up. 

Only with this process, you will find your motorbike smoother than usual. But not only here, how to make a shiny motorcycle body is still long. Let’s move on to the polishing process.

  1. Polishing first so that the color comes back again 

In this process, we will get rid of fine scratches. Use a paint cleaner to remove any remaining wax residue. Rub evenly until swirlmarks and scratches on the motor body disappear. 

In addition, also give polish liquid in a different applicator. Rub evenly until complete. By doing this polishing, not only the scratches on the body of our motorbike are gone. The color of the motor body that was dull will come back alive and bright. 

In addition to the body, it’s also a good idea to polish the metal parts of your motorbike. So that it doesn’t lose its shine with its body. Therefore you must know how to shine a motorcycle engine.

  1. Waxing 

Waxing or this polishing process aims to protect the body of the motorbike from being exposed to UV rays and dust on the streets. For the most polished results, use carnauba wax in this process. Unfortunately, carnauba wax doesn’t last long in the sun. If you want a long-lasting wax, use a synthetic wax that is widely available in the market. But the finishing look will not be as good as if you use carnauba wax. Or you can use Kit déco Husqvarna

  1. Quick Detailer for maintaining 

Quick Detailer or QD is usually used after the waxing process is complete. The goal is to maintain the quality of the wax so that it can last longer. The benefit is that when in the near future we will wash the motorbike again, we don’t have to use wax anymore bro. Just apply QD evenly and your bike will shine again.