5 Signs You Need to Call a Car Hail Damage Repair Professional

Hail storms are a common occurrence in many parts of the country. But they can also wreak havoc on your vehicle if you need more preparation. If you have hail damage, you should always go to a qualified auto body shop for repairs. 

You See Dents

Dents are one of the most common signs of hail damage. They are usually a result of hailstones that travel at high speeds and are impacted by your vehicle’s roof, hood, or trunk lid. If your car has dents caused by hail, call your insurance company for an inspection and estimate. They may cover the repair costs if your policy and deductible are met. Auto hail repair is a specialty service that requires specialized equipment and tools and a trained technician for paintless dent repair (PDR). This method returns dents to their original shape without disturbing your vehicle’s finish.

You See Cracks

If you see cracks, chips or paint damage on your car, it’s important to fix these issues immediately. This will keep them from further deteriorating the vehicle. Even if your hail damage is small, experts in hail damage repair Lakewood CO, mentioned that it could devalue your car’s value if you don’t fix it immediately. Leaving these damages untreated could mean thousands of dollars lost in a potential sale or trade. Hail damage can also cause rust, reducing your vehicle’s useful life and making it unsafe to drive. Rust can make your paint chip and peel away, exposing the metal underneath to moisture.

You See Chips

Chips are a common car repair affliction, particularly in winter when the grit flies around in the rain. A few lucky drivers may be able to avoid the damage altogether, but plenty of DIY solutions are out there for the rest of us.

Fortunately, most chipped paint jobs can be saved with elbow grease and quality sandpaper. The best part is that you’ll be satisfied knowing your investment is protected and will likely look good as new for years. The trick is to look at the paint, not just the chips, to determine which areas are most susceptible to damage. Then, it’s a matter of using the right tools to make the correct repairs.

You See Paint Damage

A large hail storm can leave a car with hundreds of small dents over the body panels. While this may seem like a cosmetic issue to some, these dents compromise the structural integrity of your vehicle and devalue it in the process. A professional auto body shop can repair the hail damage using paintless dent repair or PDR. This process involves using a series of metal rods to massage the dents without repainting the entire panel.

You See Broken Glass

If your vehicle has had hail damage, there is a good chance you will see broken glass in it. Fortunately, these glass dings are often easily fixed using the right tools and techniques. If you notice any broken glass on your car, you should call an auto-hail damage repair professional immediately to get your vehicle fixed. This will protect your resale value and allow you to drive your car safely for as long as possible. Most hail damage repair shops use paintless dent removal (PDR). This is a very technical, artistic and specific process involving using metal rods to reshape each dent in your vehicle without sanding or repainting.