Basic knowledge of tyre purchase in Dubai

Being in control while driving is important in terms of road safety and exceptional driving experience. The tyres on your vehicle are your immediate line of contact out and about. That is the reason it is imperative to purchase tyres that give you solid quality grasp onto the road, have good tyre tread depth and rolling resistance.

With Online tyre shop in Dubai such as Pitstoparabia, anyone can without much of a stretch peruse through online tyre index and pick the tyre that they need and have it delivered effortlessly to their doorsteps with an outstanding return on the cash. Even with autonomous search and compatibility algorithms of Pitstoparabia, one should have basic knowledge of tyre before making a purchase.

Here are a few tips before you go on purchasing tyres in Dubai

Tips on purchasing a tyre

Make sure your vehicle is fit as a fiddle.

If your tyre is wearing out unevenly than there is issue with your vehicle wheel alignment or suspension.

So even if you put another set of tyres on a skewed vehicle, or one with awful stuns, you’re discarding cash. The new tyres will wear rapidly and unevenly, and you’ll require another set in a rush because the tyres won’t even last the fraction of its standard lifetime.

Get your vehicle for a review before taking Purchasing and installing tyres – an unbiased suggestion from a specialist who isn’t attempting to offer you something is constantly assuring.

Inspect your tyres

If your tyres are over 6 years of age than no matter how they look you need a replacement but if tyres are under the age of 6 years then do a snappy visual examination of your tyres. In the event that you see over the broke sidewalls, top track wear, or any staining or protruding, it’s most likely time for another set of tyres.

Manufacturer recommendations

The maker of your vehicle has made a proposal about the size and kind of tyres, which work best with your vehicle, that information can be obtained via vehicle manual or on the vehicle manufacturer website.

Another way to obtain information about tyre is placard. The information placard is for all vehicles is pasted onto the door edge, doorpost, and glove compartment door or inside trunk top. It will always be there because of its legally required.

Understanding the tyre code

Tyre code is a key to the specifications of a tyre revealing its compatible automobiles. Tyre code has coded information regarding intended use or vehicle class for the tyre, Nominal section width in millimeter, Nominal aspect ratio, Tyres Internal Construction, Rim diameter code, Load Index, Speed Symbol (indicating max. Speed), and Snow condition.

Let’s look at a typical example of an ISO Metric tyre code:


Here is a sketchy breakdown of the code:

P intended use or vehicle class for the tyre
215 Nominal section width in millimetre
65 Nominal aspect ratio
R Tyres Internal Construction
15 Rim diameter code
95 Load Index
H Speed Symbol, indicating max. Speed
M+S Snow condition


Detailed analysis of tyre code.


  • “P” for traveler vehicles or “LT” for light trucks are the in all probability letters you’ll see.
  • “215” This is the tyre’s width (in millimeters) from sidewall edge to sidewall edge.
  • “65” is the tyre’s viewpoint proportion or the proportion of tallness to width. The littler the number, the shorter the sidewall.
  • “R” demonstrates tyres Internal Construction. Pretty much every tyre you experience will be a radial these days, except if you’re purchasing tyres for an exemplary vehicle.
  • “15” is the rim diameter of the wheel that the tyre is proposed to fit.
  • “95” is the tyre’s load index number, it indicates the maximum limit of the load a tyre can carry when inflated to standard inflation.
  • “H” is the tyre’s speed rating. It demonstrates the maximum speed limit for a tyre.
  • “M+S” or “M/S.” represents mud and snow, this implies the weather conditions tyre is fit for.

Purchase a whole set of tyres

In spite of the fact that you might be enticed to compromise in hopes of saving an extra bit of the cash, and simply supplant the tyre/s that are most worn. By supplanting each of the four without a moment’s delay, you will have the option to keep up your tyres better while accomplishing the most astounding level of wellbeing and exceptional driving experience.

Buy a tyre

After you have all the information needed regarding your tyre you can go ahead and purchase a tyre from brick and motor tyre shop or an reliable online tyre shop such as Pitstoparabia. In terms of tyre brand always compare the brands to get the best option on price and reliability.

Maintain a tyre

Maintain your tyre all the time. Keeping your tyres appropriately expanded will improve your gas mileage and will extraordinarily improve your tyres’ life span.


Buying the tyre is easy but buying the right tyre for your vehicle is difficult. Incompatible tyres, duplicate tyres or unreliable tyres can ruin your driving experience. So follow the above guideless while purchasing tyre while ensuring reliable and luxurious driving experience.