5 Tips for Smooth Camping Trip Planning


Before the pandemic, in 2018, 77 million households had a member who participated in camping in the United States. With that shocking number, it’s safe to say that partaking in the camping lifestyle can be adventurous and exciting. 

And of course, if you’re going on a trip soon, you want it to go entirely smoothly to save time and energy overall. So keep reading for five camping trip planning tips to use on your next adventure!

  1. Timing

Timing when camping can make or break the entire trip. And that means timing with all aspects like weather, season, or even daily temperatures. 

So always look at the forecast that’s projected during your camping trip. If large storms are expected, it may be wise to reschedule the trip altogether. 

And season plays a considerable role depending on the camping area you’ll be at. During winter, some places are too cold to withstand. And in summer, some places reach well over triple-digit heat. 

  1. Destination

Picking your destination is a crucial step in the planning process. And while “going with the flow” might seem like a good idea, it can make things more difficult overall. 

First, pick the area you’d like to visit and explore. Then, you’ll have to locate campgrounds to see if they have an available spot for you.

And don’t forget, finding a spot during the busy season can sometimes be challenging. So you might have to call multiple places until you find a location that works for you. 

  1. Supplies

Having the proper supplies during your trip will come in handy more than once. And that’s because situations will arise and you’ll need specific supplies for them.

Some essential supplies to bring are your cooking wear. For example, you will need a portable stove, pots, pans, and utensils if you want to eat. 

And you’ll want to have things like first aid kits, shovels, axes, and knives on hand too. 

  1. Activities

While planning activities might not seem like a priority, it can help the camping process when it comes down to it. Plus, it’ll keep you from being bored and searching for last-minute things to do. 

So plan your relaxation, hiking, games, or other outdoor activities to maximize your time. 

  1. Gear 

Your gear is the most important thing you need when camping. And that’s because it offers you protection, warmth, and shelter. So before you depart for your trip, always double-check your tent for holes or any damage that might have occurred previously. 

And if you have a camper van or camper, check tires, roofs, and engines to make sure they are all functioning the correct way. 

Camping Trip Planning

Hopefully, these camping trip planning tips will serve you well on your next trip. So that way everything will go smoothly and efficiently. And don’t forget to camp responsibly and always clean up after yourself.

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