An eSports masterpiece: why is sim racing so popular?

The current series of racing simulators are as advanced as it gets, and this means it’s as close to real-life racing as you may be able to get. The intensity of sim racing is so awesome that it has become one of the most popular eSports on the market.

It may be something you’re thinking about getting into, too. So, if you’re considering getting yourself the best racing simulator pedals, steering wheels, screens and more, here are a few reasons why it’s a very good idea if you’re a passionate motorist.


Sim racing is one of the best ways to practice driving without the risk of injury. Many things can go wrong on a testing track, as this is all a part of finding the limits and your capabilities as a driver. But now you can find those limits from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Sim racing allows potential racers and enthusiasts to recognise their own personal limits as well as those of the track in a controlled and safe environment. If you find yourself sliding off the track and knocking into the barriers, you can simply restart – no harm done!

Driving education

There is a very good reason why most top-tier motorsport teams now have their own advanced racing simulators in their workshops – they are just so lifelike! If simulators are good enough for professional drivers to hone their craft and work on their skills then you can trust it will help you with your drive, too.

Even the world’s best drivers are constantly learning and working on improving their performance, and a racing simulator provides them the perfect off-track opportunity to enhance their vision, find reference points for braking or turn in, improve their mental abilities on the track, improve technique, and improve their confidence and endurance. In this controlled environment it is easy for drivers to see their results and easily work on improving their performance.  

Racing simulators are incredibly accurate and so are their car and track models. What’s more, they generally offer in-depth data logging for drivers to go back over and see where they can improve. This data can be reviewed using real-world systems, allowing drivers to get accurate information regarding speed, steering angle, throttle and brake position, gyro readings and much, much more. This allows drivers to analyse their technique and see when they can gain lap time.

It is the perfect way to learn how to improve your driving, but you can also learn how to get the most out of your vehicle by adjusting its digital/mechanical setup. Through this, you will be able to tell what effect a particular set up and its changes can have on your overall handling and performance. If you see something works for you, you can continue to accentuate those positives by making small changes to your vehicle.  


Time is of the absolute essence in racing and in life. It can be incredibly hard to find the time to get down to the track, but having a racing simulator in your home means you can set up whenever you want to and start practicing!

The only real waiting time when it comes to sim racing is waiting in the pit lane, so you can quickly set up your machine, await clearance and start practicing in absolutely no time. This is great for time-short drivers who want to practice as much as possible but struggle to regularly get down to the track.