Deer Hunting Technique

Hunting Deer is indeed a unique and fun experience. However, it is certain that we must keep the natural ecosystem in deer hunting. The following are tips to help those of you who want to hunt Deer successfully. Please listen!

Preparation Before Hunting Deer

  1. Find a Hunting Permit

In some areas, there are areas that are still conservation areas and protected by the government, so we are not allowed to hunt there. Try to get permission from the local Ministry of Environmental Conservation or Ministry of Natural Resources. Deer hunting license fees usually range from $40-$200, depending on the region. You can also get information such as how long the hunting season lasts, how many tails can be hunted, what types of deer can be hunted, as well as hunting safety requirements when applying for this permit.

  1. Ensure the Legal Use of Hunting Rifles

Usually, most hunters use rifle-type weapons for hunting . You can go to a hunting license to find out if your gun is legal to use. If you’re not very good at using a rifle, try using a bow or arrow, which is safer. Don’t take the risk of using a weapon you don’t have control over or the government doesn’t allow.

  1. Wear Hunting Clothes According to the Terms

What you wear may seem trivial, but it is very important to you. When hunting deer, you can use orange clothes, because deer can’t see well. You can also use camouflage clothes that can blend in with the colors around the hunting grounds. Don’t forget to wear shoes/boots. Try Gore-Tex shoes to make your shoes waterproof, or the 800-Gram of Thinsulate-Ultra Insulation shoes to keep your feet warm, and Cordura Nylon to make the leather material last longer. In addition, bring equipment such as foam seat warmers, binoculars, and a toolbox containing insect repellent spray, first aid kit, flashlight, compass, small knife, lighter, etc.

  1. Determine the Location of the Forest Deer

Before hunting, try to track the location of the nest, habitat, feeding places, to the paths usually passed by forest deer. This way, your hunt will be more focused and effective. Deer usually live in bushes or places where the plants look thick, on the banks of small rivers, and in slightly higher shaded places.

  1. Prepare the Bait

Bait is needed to pull the deer out of the nest or hiding place. Place the bait in the path that the Deer usually pass, but make sure to stay within shooting range. You can use carrots, apples, mineral licks, sugar beets, or corn as bait. In some areas there may be a ban on baiting at a distance of 300 yards, so if you want to place bait or you can use Best Deer attractant, it’s best to do it 1 week or 10 days before hunting.