Essential road safety features for bike riding in India

India has emerged rapidly on the map of bikers from all over the world. There are so many locations that are on a Must-Go list of the bikers. Routes such as Manali Leh Highway, Konkan Highway, Ahmedabad – Udaipur highway, etc. offer mesmerizing biking adventures. In fact, on locations such as Morey Plains, you can see bikers from all over the world, bringing in their own bikes and riding amidst the vast nothingness. This is an experience that will stay with bikers for the rest of their lives. So, a bike ride passing through the amazing terrains and different hues of culture, is an experience that all bikers must have at least once in their lives. What else they must have while embarking on a bike riding adventure in India? The answer is not so simple.

Essential Road Safety Features

  1. Keep your bike serviced and up-to-date

One thing that every biker will notice while on a bike ride in India: there are not enough service stations and qualified repairers on most of the famous bike riding routes. You can easily find the service stations and repair shops in and around the cities but once you are away you are mostly on your own. So, this is the most important feature that you need to take care of. If you feel there is a little snag somewhere, don’t ignore it and get it cleared before it’s too late, because you might not find someone to help you on the road.

  1. Wear proper biking gears and helmet

Helmet has been made compulsory by the government because of a very justifiable reason. It saves a lot of lives. Other protective gear such as knee guards, biker shoes, protective gloves-jacket-pants, are essential for a safe ride not just in India but anywhere else in the world. There are many reasons for that. For one, the roads are not in good condition everywhere, so you might run into damaged terrain a lot of times.

  1. Carry all paperwork and permissions

Many-a-times, the famous bike riding routes pass through multiple states and sometimes around sensitive areas such as international borders, protected sanctuaries, and tribal areas. If you are Indian, you may get a chance to sort it out locally, but if you are a foreigner, riding without necessary papers and permissions will create a lot of issues with local police and people. So, take the help of an experienced rider or professionals who can manage paperwork and permissions for you.

  1. Get a Bike Insurance from reputed companies

As we discussed earlier, the roads are not so safe, neither are people’s riding style in India. This is a harsh fact and this is why the government has amended the Motor Vehicle Act and imposed even stricter penalties for the offenders. You may have a proper biking experience but then you never know, you have to suffer for someone else’s mistakes. And this might not be a very pleasant experience. So, you can safeguard yourself from getting into a financial mess easily, with a bike insurance. Also, it is important to get the policy from insurance providers such as Bharti AXA, who can provide you prompt assistance and support throughout India.