Getting The Optimum Return From Your Junk Car

There are times when you want to do away with your old car only to get home that brand which you have always longed ever since you took a glance of it at the showroom.

However, by selling off your old car, if you can lay your hands on some cash, it can help you in procuring the new one. But it is not always that you get a good deal for it.

Nevertheless, few avenues can help you get a good bargain. And this is exactly what the articles deal with. So, read on for more information in the paragraphs that follow.

Few interesting facts

An old report states that as of August 1965, Americans dumped around five million cars in the many junkyards across the country. And at that point in time, it was estimated that the main reason is that the production of advanced and developed cars that were slated to appear in the consumer market in the years to come.

Reasons for the increase in junked cars over the years

Surprisingly, experts also pointed out that just as the production of different categories of cars was expected, the life expectancy of cars will be reduced too. And to prove the prediction accuracy, it has been recorded that the life expectancy nosedived to 10 years in the year 1964 from 14 years of the life of a car from 1960.

And this explains to a great extent why more and more cars are seen in the junkyard. However, it does make sense in getting at least some Benjamins back because it was after all your hard-earned cash that went into buying that first car of yours.

Deciding the sale of your car

First and foremost, when you decide that you are going to do away with your car, you must decide which deal you want to opt for, whether you want to sell off the car on “as-it-is” basis or you want some cash by selling off the spare parts. Once you have decided upon the same, you can proceed with the rest of the planning. You can approach service providers like Junk Car Genie that promise to give cash for your junk car. Vendors like these usually offer more cash than if you deal directly with a buyer. Find out how they carry out the procedure before you avail their services.

What steps will you take to get cash for a car?

Check out a few tips below that can help you in carrying out the process easily and in a simpler manner.

  1. Beware of fraudsters that will try to convince you to part with your car for an amount that will be just meager
  2. Do not give any indication that you are in desperate need of the cash and you can settle for just any amount that you get in the first offer.
  3. Compare the prices that are being offered. Do not settle for the one that you come across in the first instance. However, do not allow your old car to stay endlessly in your backyard or garage because laying your hands on some cash is better than not getting anything at all and seeing your car rust in front of your eyes.
  4. It is important that you are aware of the value of the car that you are selling. Be realistic and find out from the professionals the actual value of the car as per the present condition.

How important are the Lemon Laws in selling junk cars?

Know the laws that regulate such deals. Lemon Law is a law that will help prospective buyers to get an honest deal so that the ones intending to buy the car do not get hoodwinked or ripped off. The laws vary from one state to another.So, depending on your state of residence, you must adhere to and comply with the laws.

As to how the law works can be better understood with the help of this example below-

Let us say; you bought a car from a seller that was seemingly in good condition (as the seller has told you). However, you discover that the car is not safe as it lacks therequired safety tools, a fact the seller did not disclose that, and it led to some kind of accident. You have the liberty to take the seller to court.

Tools to help you assess your car’s condition

You will come across many tools online that will help you to assess the condition of your car. All you need to do is feed in the details and then get an instant answer to the same. This is the best way to find out the value of your car or how much you can expect when you are selling it as junk.

Possible signs that you are ripped-off

Check out for the following signs so that you can avert falling prey to scam artists in any way. These are as follows-

  • If you find that someone is interested in your car without assessing the condition, steer clear of this buyer. For such instances, it has been observed that you will be handed over a check that may not be honored, leaving you void of cash and your car.
  • If it is an unknown person from with whom you are striking the deal, prefer to make the payment in cash. It is much safer, and you can avoid being a victim of a bounced check.
  • Do not accept part-payment. Accept it in full. And part with your car only if the check does not bounce.
  • If the buyer wants a test drive, which he will, by all means, do not decline the request but make sure you have a copy of his driving license.

Last but not least, make the deal as a contract. Read through the dotted lines and before you sign, the terms and conditions must be clear to both parties. Also, find out how are things going to be or how you intend to proceed in the event of any dispute.