Keep Trucking: Find the Right Company for Roadside Assistance for Trucks


Did you know there are roughly 3.5 million truckers in the US?

If you’re a truck driver, you might be thinking about investing in roadside assistance. After all, if you break down, you might not be able to make deliveries on time, and this could result in you losing clients.

Read on, and you’ll learn the basics of buying ​​roadside assistance for trucks. With the help of these tips, you should be able to find a roadside assistance company that is fast and competent.

Let’s begin!

What Category Do You Belong To?

Before you do anything else, you need to gain some clarity on your vehicle and the kinds of regions you work in.

As some roadside assistance companies might not have the skills to perform truck repairs on every truck, this is important. 

Thus, if you have something unique, such as a refrigerated vehicle, you may find that some roadside assistance companies aren’t a good fit for you.

Fortunately, most roadside assistance companies have a section on their site covering the kinds of vehicles they work with.

As mentioned, you also need to gain some clarity on the kinds of regions you work in. This is a critical step because some roadside assistance firms might only cover certain regions.

Again, if you want to find out if a truck roadside assistance company can work in the regions you visit, you should check out their website.

What Kind of Service Should You Invest In?

When investing in truck roadside assistance, you generally have two options.

The first option is to work with roadside assistance companies as and when you need them.

For instance, you might find a company that services your area and vehicle, and you might then keep their number handy.

Then, if you ever experience a breakdown, you can call this company, and they will come and sort things out.

The other option is to essentially ‘subscribe’ to a roadside assistance plan, and with this option, you pay a monthly or yearly fee.

If you rarely make truck journeys, the first option might be a good one to go for. However, if you drive trucks regularly, you should definitely subscribe to a roadside assistance plan.

That’s because if you have multiple breakdowns in the space of a year, the subscription option can often be cheaper. Plus, if you’re subscribed to a plan, you may find that you receive priority treatment.

Will You Invest In Roadside Assistance for Trucks?

This post has covered some of the basic things you need to understand when buying roadside assistance for trucks.

If you subscribe to a roadside assistance plan, you’ll find that the plan will last a year or so. Thus, if a particular company gives you many problems, you can always switch companies once the subscription comes to an end.

This is a helpful thing to remember if you’re feeling a lot of pressure to pick the perfect roadside assistance company. 

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