The Best Vintage Car Body Styles to Restore

Did you know that during the pandemic, classic car restoration boomed? People are returning to old hobbies, and nothing is more rewarding than bringing life back to an old vehicle. But do you know what your restoration options are?

If not, then we can assist. Read on as we discuss the vintage car types you should consider for your project. 

The Muscle Car

The first of the body styles you should consider restoring is the great American muscle car. With sleek lines and angles, you can not fail to get that sophisticated look. In addition, the prices of these cars are beginning to rise so you could turn a healthy profit with a restoration.

There are a whole host of vintage cars that fall under the muscle car category. You can opt for classics like the Chevrolet Camaro, or go for something more offbeat like a Mercury. More popular models also still have car parts that are quite readily available, so you don’t have to spend the earth. 

The Truck

No restoration project could be as fun as a classic pickup. These utility vehicles have often taken some punishment in their working lifetime, so you may struggle to find one that does not need lots of work. However, their large, bulky frame means if you are starting out, a little skimping on finesse can often go unnoticed. 

King of pickups is the Dodge Power Wagon, which was produced between ’46 and ’78. You may want to consider something newer, such as the ’91 GMC Cyclone.

Newer vehicles can often have more complex parts and systems, such as catalytic converters. You can find more information here about replacement costs and salvage. 

The Camper

What can be more rewarding than finishing a restoration project, then getting to take it on holiday? The classic camper brings back the glory of vintage holidays, but with style. It may not have the comfort of your RV, but it will definitely turn heads.

Volkswagen has the definitive camper. However, these are now getting expensive so you should look at one of the many others if you want a cheaper project. 

The Roadster

For a first-time restoration, the roadster is hard to beat. Small, compact but with bags of driving fun, the auto industry has released thousands of models making them easy to come by. From American-made to nifty Japanese and European models, you can also restore something truly unique. 


The supercar is definitely one for the experienced restorer. Firstly, they can command a price in any state as they are often so rare. Despite a huge range, certain ones also have a lot of competition around them. 

Plus points are that you will have something truly unique. If you have a specific car in mind, shop around online and keep the money safe until one appears. 

Vintage Car Buying

When buying a vintage car, do your homework. Prices may vary hugely depending on types and conditions. You don’t want to spend your money on something and find it is impossible to source parts and in fact, irreparable. 

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