New or a used car- which is the best car for your teen driver

When it comes to buying a car for a teen driver, the parents are very much conscious about getting the right car for their kids. The teenagers are very much engaged in different kind of activities along with school- sports, tuitions, and so much more! Getting a car for them can simplify the process to some extent. As a parent, how do you make decisions for your kid with regards to buying a car?

Questions to consider before choosing the right car for your teenage kid:

  • Should you buy the used or new car?

Well there is no such right answer or wrong answer for this question. However, most of the parent buy used car for their kids because they are novice and they need a lot of driving practice to set their hands with the gear and steer. New cars are very much expensive and insurance rates are too high. The good thing about new car is that it is reliable and repair costs are low. With regard to old cars, they are more reliable because of the performance record that they have. Here are three things to be kept in mind- the budget, preference, and willingness of your child to take care of the car. It is advisable to buy used car initially. Once you child becomes a pro, then you can go for a new car.

  • Where to buy the old car?

You can buy the cars both from the private and the public dealers. If you are buying the car from a private owner, you can be unaware of the past history of the car. However this doesn’t mean that you cannot buy a car from a private owner. With the help of internet, you can track all the information of the owner as well as the vehicle. If you want to verify the information about the owner, perform a free background check on the owner. The search will give you the following details- name, address, marital status, properties owned, driving records, criminal records, contact information and social media profiles. Also, you can track all the past history of the car with regard to the services, damages and accidents if you have the VIN number with you. Just copy the VIN number from the car plate and paste it on any one of the online tools available in the internet. With just the VIN number you can track down all the details.

  • What factors to consider when buying a new car for your kid?

Parents should keep in mind certain factors when purchasing a new car for their teenagers. The factors include:-

  1. Size of the car- You should always choose medium sized car for the safety of your child. SUV’s are too big for your kid.
  2. Buy cheaper models- Always buy cheaper models to add on some extra features of safety for your kid like blind spot detection, rear view camera etc.

Other factors include reliability, cost efficiency, insurance cost and other factors that will spare some cost.