Physical Preparation For Motorcyclists

Motorcycles are now the most popular choice for people. Because besides being cheap, these two-wheeled vehicles are faster and more flexible when the roads are jammed.

Not only that. Motorcycling can also be a means of recreation. The reason is, for some people, walking down the street and performing various maneuvers gives its own sensation.

In fact, the activity of riding a motorcycle will cause health problems if the preparation is not done properly. Especially physical and psychological preparation, as well as proper and efficient driving.

Before leaving for a trip that takes 1-2 hours, warm up like before exercising for 3-5 minutes. This is intended so that the muscles of the whole body are not stiff, so as if they are interested when sitting on a motorcycle saddle.

How to sit on a motorcycle seat or saddle also contributes to fatigue. Try to keep your waist straight but relaxed. Likewise with the position of the hands, make sure not to form an angle of 30 degrees from the handlebars. Therefore, try to keep the motorcycle handlebars not too high.

Stamina while driving a motorbike is quite draining, especially considering Jakarta’s traffic which is often jammed. Therefore, motorcyclists are expected to always be fit while riding a motorbike to avoid accidents. Here we want to give tips for motorcyclists to stay fit by doing light exercise.

Strong hands are very important to control the motor, especially if you are traveling long distances. Exercising the hand muscles can reduce the risk of hand cramps or hand pain. Train your hand strength by lifting barbells, push ups and others.

In addition to making sure you are physically ready for the ride, double-check your motorcycle brakes for wear and tear in the pads, lines, lever and fluid. Nothing is worse than non-functioning brakes. Check out this comprehensive guide on signs your motorbike brakes are on the way out

Good yoga helps the body’s flexibility will really help to maintain motor balance. Yoga exercises can also strengthen the abdominal and back muscles, helping you to maneuver without feeling sore muscles or nerves in the back.

This game sport is a sport that is done in groups, such as football, basketball or do Home Gym. This form of exercise can train your agility and reflexes. In addition, eye coordination will be better.