The Benefits of Buying a Car from a Ford Dealership

Buying a car is a major financial decision that can require extensive deliberation and thought. The two options generally and most often presented to those planning on purchasing a vehicle are as follows: purchasing a used car from a private dealer or purchasing a new, used, or certified pre-owned car from a dealership? Certain dealerships have ill reputations and many say that purchasing a car from a private dealer is often a more relaxed and comforting experience. The following article will run through the advantages and benefits of purchasing a car from a Ford dealership.

The Basics of Ford and Ford Dealerships

Founded by Henry Ford, the Ford Motor Company is one of the most well-known, multinational automobile manufacturers to this date. The company is based in Detroit, but its vehicles can be found worldwide. Ford offers a series of versatile and long-lasting vehicles. While Ford cars be purchased from private dealerships that bring their own advantages, there are certain benefits to buying from a dealership.

  1. Additional Options

Options presented from a private dealer can often be limited. The best way to know the full scope of what is available to you is to visit a reputable dealership. Options can include everything from dealer-installed accessories such as upgraded sound systems and all-terrain wheels to extended warranty coverage, removed curb rash, and other promotions. Such promotions can include things like free oil changes and tire rotations. Furthermore, dealerships often offer the option of configuring custom cars. While such an investment may take a long time, it is definitely worthwhile. The thrill of something of seeing personally customized get built aside, a configured can be designed to fit your daily needs; this is something you cannot get from a private dealership.

  1. Reputation and Better Customer Service

Qualified and reputable dealership are, as expected, heavily focused on reputation. As such, it is guaranteed that customer services standard are being met. You can expect the employee attending to you to be enthusiastic and professional. While the laid-back environment of a private dealer can be preferable to some, an automobile is a large and stressful purchase for many and such a pursuit calls for an employee who is willing to ‘go the extra mile,’ to meet the needs of the customer. Furthermore, a private seller services do not extend beyond the deal in and of itself. That is to say, if a problem with the vehicle arises after the purchase, private dealers consider it beyond their jurisdiction and duty to offer assistance. Conversely, dealerships and other reputable dealerships are trying to offer the best customer service they can and such customer service extends beyond the deal; thus, they can often offer to help with issues after the purchase.

  1. Financing Benefits

The biggest concern many face when purchasing a vehicle is that it is an expensive and taxing purchases. With that being said, the biggest benefit or advantage offered by Ford and related dealerships are the financing benefits. Private sellers do not offer a variety of financing options, often curtailed to the needs of the customer. Dealerships, however, do. One of the most common options is to put down a down-payment and continue to pay for the car in installments. Such an option is considered a ‘life-saver’ for many.

Furthermore, many believe that dealerships offer better pricing for their vehicle while, to contrast, private sellers are not good at accurately estimating the value of their vehicle.


While there are definite benefits to purchasing a car from a private seller, the above article has demonstrate three advantages of dealerships.