The Popular Trends In Global Armored Vehicle Market For 2019

The market report on armored vehicles comprises of steady research on the global armored vehicle industry that is meant to enable the customers to take better decision in terms of probable requirements and enable them to predict or expect certain implementations. This also features a development ratio that’s expected in a clear perspective of rational analysis, which renders thorough information of the armored vehicle industry globally. These reports further make a comparative study of the armored vehicle market along with developmental status and future trends worldwide. 

Here’s To All The Trends In Armored Vehicles Industry 

  • Going by modern trends and requirements, safety is of utmost importance currently and Active Protection System, Inter Operable Communication, Modular Ballistic Armor, including Electric Armor, Situational Awareness System, and Active Mine Protection are some of the popular features that are trending in the latest armored vehicles. 
  • Globally, the size of the armored vehicle market is expected to expand to apparently $36.4 billion by the year 2025 while showcasing a CAGR of 5.4% by 2025 from 2019 onwards. 
  • A major trend imposing more enhancements in this segment is the sudden growth in terrorist activities. Armored vehicles are primarily safeguarded by depleted uranium layers or stainless steel and are equipped with robust weapons combining defensive, tactical offensive, and operational mobility capacities. 
  • Development of advanced and better vehicles including technologies like unmanned armored vehicles and AI-based smart object identification technology and tracking abilities. These are to be used in the military sector and this is expected to propel the market within a few years. 
  • The necessity to safeguard military recruits from fire and landmines is sure to send the demands for armored vehicles shooting upwards. Additionally, the demand for these vehicles is increasing grossly in the Middle East, Africa, and the Asia Pacific due to the constant tension created among the neighboring regions as well as internal threats. 
  • The big players in the market are making huge investments for research and development programs to come up with new ideas and technologies. 
  • Better fuel efficiency and improved protection are gradually becoming prime aspects that are being constantly considered to lead the trends in the future. 

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