Tricks to Sharpen Your Strength to Protect Yourself

discusses the various ways women protect themselves through applied martial arts rooted in the Kushin Ryu karate school. Women’s bodies can be a powerful weapon to fight if they are in a tight position or become the target of criminals in public places. Accessories or equipment that is always carried in a bag such as lipstick or an umbrella can also be a weapon of self-defense. Even so, Eko emphasized, women also need to build strength from within themselves by relying on self-suggestion, that you -a woman- are not weak. You can put up a fight if attacked, without relying on the other party. That way, you can feel safe anytime and anywhere, even though public areas are still vulnerable for women. If you are currently starting to equip yourself with self-defense knowledge by participating in WSDK exercises, for example, Eko provides a number of tricks so that women are always alert in public areas:

  1. Don’t be lazy to practice

Sharpen your ability to perform basic technical movements quickly and effectively. Do it repeatedly until your subconscious responds. This repetitive habit will make the subconscious move itself to react to the incoming attack. If you need self defence and team building workshops and training service, check here

  1. Build self-confidence and change mindset

Convince yourself that you, women, are creatures who are given many advantages, maybe even outperform men. Don’t let the notion that women are weak creatures enter your mind. The thought that women are weak will actually weaken the real strength that lies within.

  1. Stay alert and calm

Physical exercise is not enough to equip women to defend themselves. Eko explained that alertness also needs to be trained intensely. “Never let your guard down, and stay focused,” he continued. If you are in a dangerous situation, try to stay calm. “Master your thoughts and emotions,” he advises.

  1. Sharpen the sensitivity of reading situations

Social sensitivity will help women to stay awake in various conditions. This social sensitivity can and needs to be trained. Crime can be avoided as long as we are good at reading the situation and conditions, said Eko. To practice social sensitivity, never hesitate to share experiences with others. The experiences experienced by yourself and others around you will be valuable lessons for practicing social sensitivity.

  1. Follow your heart

Believe in your inner voice. When you feel strange when you are on public transportation, see strange behavior or feel strange, these are signs that you need to be aware of. The voice of the heart will move the mind, so never doubt what is in your heart. If there is an opportunity to avoid it, move away immediately or don’t need to think again about getting off the public transportation you are riding. “Avoiding is the most effective defense,” said Eko.