Want to Apply for a Car Loan? Here’s How

Nowadays, cars have become the solution to most people’s mobility needs. By having a car, it is more flexible and practical when you want to travel or do daily activities. In the current pandemic, traveling by private vehicle is considered safer than using public transportation. So the demand for vehicles is increasing.

Used cars are the most economical choice because they are more affordable. In addition, there are two financing alternatives, namely cash or credit. When you choose to use credit payments, there are procedures and requirements that must be prepared before applying for a car loan. We will explain in detail in the following article.

Contact dealer

The first step you can take is to contact a trusted used car dealer. The goal is to get information about available credit programs. Later, the dealer will connect you with the leasing party to determine the credit you want, starting from the down payment to the length of the installment.

CARRO Indonesia through the CARRO Automall dealer is ready to facilitate you to own a car through a credit mechanism. CARRO has 50 financing options and partners with various trusted leasing or financing institutions. Thus, it will give you the convenience and comfort of transacting used car loans like this autobypayment.com


As a potential customer or customer, you have the right to get consultation regarding the credit transaction you are going to take. Consultation is needed to get an idea of ​​the installment scheme. In this consultation, it is hoped that there will be transparency between leasing and consumers, because it will affect the course of the credit process and can avoid losses from both parties.

In a car loan consultation, you will get a credit simulation and installment scheme. For example, a rough simulation is as follows: You decide to buy a unit of Daihatsu Sigra R Deluxe in 2018 at a price of IDR 100 million on credit. From this price, there is an obligation to pay a down payment of 30 percent of the total price of the car, which is Rp. 30 million.

Complete the document

After you get a credit simulation and decide to continue with the transaction stages, you are required to complete the documents for credit application.

Credit application

If it is complete, then the leasing party will bring your files and documents to apply for credit. The length of credit approval will vary greatly, it can be hours, days and even weeks. This will depend on the completeness of your documents and financial profile to be verified at a financial institution, in this case Bank Indonesia. After your financial profile is deemed safe and approved, the transaction can proceed to the next stage.

Advance payment

After your credit is approved by leasing, you are then required to pay a down payment. After the down payment is complete, you can immediately take the car home or send the car directly to your home. But remember, credit transactions have not been completely completed, because there are still responsibilities in the form of installments that you have to pay every month.