What To Expect for a Warranty on Auto Repairs


Consumers that acquire new vehicles are going to get a warranty on parts and labor for certain time frames. It’s easy to make the assumption that a warranty is going to cover every car repair that is needed, but there are exceptions to the rule. Everything is not going to be covered when it comes to the car repairs. There are some exclusions to every rule, and car owners are going to be much better prepared when they read the fine print and find out what the exclusions are. It is better to know these things up front and have an emergency fund prepared than to assume and find out that this is not a repair that is part of the warranty.


The part of the warranty that tends to get the biggest highlight is the powertrain. This is something that typically is guaranteed for 50000 miles or 5 years. It is either or, and this is no longer guaranteed once the vehicle has surpassed one of the conditions. It is very possible to have a car that is not driven much that has reached a five-year mark. That is far below the 50000 mile specifications that are classified in the warranty. This auto repair will still not be guaranteed because one of the conditions has already become null and void.


The alternators can fail in cars within the time frame of 50,000 miles. Sometimes these vehicles can fail before that. The alternator is the expensive repair that is covered, but these parts for cars are typically covered for even less time than the powertrain warranty. People that get new cars with alternators are typically going to be covered for about 3 years or 36000 miles. 


The engine tends to be something that is covered within the first 5 years of acquiring the car. This is one of the biggest components, and possibly the most expensive part of the vehicle repair. People that are not sure about the time frame that the engine will be considered for replacement or repair should get the auto repair warranty North Texas verified first. It is easy to assume that the engine would be guaranteed for a much longer time because it is such a big component to the vehicle. It is also rare for an engine to fail unless the car is a lemon. This is why most people would assume that these engine repairs are at least in place for that time.

Voided Warranty

There are aspects of the car warranty that are covered that can actually be avoided under certain conditions. The warranty is only valid when vehicle owners are getting the car repaired by the service department where the vehicle was purchased. People that void the warranty and get repairs from some other auto shop may find themselves with a warranty that is no longer applicable. If there is negligence with the car this may also void the warranty. Failing to put oil or check the oil in the vehicle, for example, can become something that voids a warranty. These are things that vehicle owners must pay attention to when they are looking at what is covered and what will not be covered when the car needs repairs.

Minor Repairs

It is easy to assume that repairs will be automatic for minor things that fail with a vehicle. Small things like headlights will not be covered with the vehicle for extended periods. It is easy to assume that these are things that will be covered automatically because it is a new car. People that assume this are incorrect.