Best off-road cars

Cars are made for a variety of purposes: some are made for the cold areas and others for the tropical areas; some for the smooth road and others for the off-road. That is why if you are considering getting one, you have to know your climate and the terrain. You don’t have to buy a sleek car only to dump it after a few months due to bad roads. The good news is that there are types of cars that perform excellently off-road and have a long life even in highly challenging terrain.

Continue reading and see some of the types you can choose you to go shopping

Hummer H1

This is a road-legal version of a military machine. It was produced from the year 1992 up to 2006 and is a legend.  The vehicle gained its popularity through the US army. The latest version of the Hummer comes with a V8 turbo diesel 6.61 engine capacity.  It is a wide car and this makes it so stable and performs perfectly in the desert and harsh conditions. All the crucial parts are reinforced and weighs in at 7700 pounds. The bumper is at the front tires and this gives it a perfect angle of attack. The H2 version is more usable for daily use but not so much for the off-road. 

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Recon

Jeep Wrangler is such a powerful off-road machine that has no rival. It has a 3.6L engine that can deliver 286hp. It is a car made for extreme conditions and the addicts of adventure. It is small-sized and this makes it perfect for driving on tight trails. It features great off-road tires, 6-speed transmission, high torque, and a possibility of zipping down the soft top depending on your preference.  Rubicon comes with a radio, air conditioning, and several other “ads-on”. It has also has 32” tires, a reinforced front axle with many other body upgrades. 

Toyota Tacoma TX Baja Series

This is a tough vehicle made for off-road enthusiasts and this edition was created for the honor of Mexico Baja 1000 race and this Toyota won the race twice. This version comes with electronic locking differential, Goodrich tires and all. Yes it has aged, but gracefully so. 

Ford F150Raptor Hennessey 

Are you looking for a large powerful off-road vehicle that produces 600hp and 722lb feet of torque? It is even faster than some Ferraris, reaching 60mph in less than 4.2 seconds. Compared with Ferrari, it is twice as heavy. If you are looking for one that performs well off-road, get one that has a special raptor package. The package includes reinforced wheels, 35” Toyo tires, and so many other incredible improvements. 

Range Rover

The Range Rover is one of the most well-rounded vehicles in the market today. It is a bit on the expensive side, but you can be sure you’re getting good value for the money. It offers a high-class interior when compared to many German sedans and it’s very impressive on the road. This car will give you the luxury you can’t get elsewhere.

Are you in need of a car that will take you off-road for many years? Keep them well maintained with high qualitylubricants and oils like you get at PeakAuto. Not every car can give you that assurance, only a few. Generally, they’re a bit expensive but worth the extra bucks.