Perfect Bumper Repair Options for you

Is your car bumper bothering you? Breaks? Scratch? You start to ask yourself a lot of questions because you are aware that the bumper is the first element impacted during a crash! To give you confidence on the road behind the wheel of your Car, we will explain how to check and maintain your bumper properly!

What is the role of a Car bumper?

The bumper is an element of the body of your Car which serves to absorb front and rear shocks and above all to protect pedestrians in the event of an accident. It can be attached to or integrated into the body.

How to Repair a Dented Bumper?

Is the bumper of your Car dented following a shock? To put it back in shape, detach it and place it on the ground. Squeeze the dented area back to its original appearance. Use a heat gun to “soften” the plastic and be very careful: Your bumper may “melt”! Once repaired, remember to maintain it with simple actions. Start with a deep cleaning and if you want to give back from the color to your shield it is possible either to varnish or tint it, at worst, to repaint it. In case of bumper repair culver city services also the options are open.

Bumpers: how to erase the marks and give them a new look?

Following friction, traces of paint have appeared on your bumper? Use a lightly abrasive polisher to preserve the original paint and remove only unsightly streaks. For slight scratches, opt for a touch-up pen with the same paint as your bumper.

How do you straighten your sunken bumper yourself?

Following an impact, your plastic bumper is sunk, Tip! hot or boiling water will do the trick: pour it gently over the sunken bumper, repeat several times and push it back from the inside until it regains its original shape use a glove against the heat.

When to replace your bumper?

A bumper that is all dented, broken and hardly holding in place any longer requires replacement to give your Car bodywork a better look! Consult the official Car catalog and find a wide choice of original accessories at the best price: Front bumpers, rear bumpers, couplings and even mud flaps.

The strengths of Car bumpers:

True to its brand image, Car continues to seduce its customers with original accessories of very good value for money with payment in 3 installments free of charge! Bumpers are no exception. Please find below their strengths according to the specialists:

  • Unique design with the use of the latest generations of technical materials.
  • Great ability to limit damage in the event of a collision.
  • Reduced car weight.
  • Good impact resistance.
  • Aerodynamic efficiency.
  • Optimization of fuel consumption

Repair the bumper: useful tips

Evaluate well whether or not it is convenient to repair the car bumper with the DIY: with this method you will be able to eliminate even the most obvious cracks, but the final result (satisfactory or not) will depend only on your manual skills and your work! So try to do everything calmly and without being in a hurry: this is very important to avoid making mistakes or inaccuracies that ultimately compromise the result. And if your car is brand new or has a high value, consider that only a professional job can avoid its devaluation!