Our cars do eventually need repairing, and in some cases our cars need replacement parts. Using the services of a breaker’s yard or a private seller to find spares is a logical next step. This is because the secondhand parts are usually significantly less expensive than the parts you might buy from a car manufacturer.

There are plenty of reasons to buy second hand. One key reason is the environment. Buying secondhand means that you are acquiring a part that has a second life. This means it hasn’t been created brand new, and there is an accompanying saving on environmental damage.

Another good reason for buying from a breaker’s yard, for example, is that there is usually a huge choice, and it doesn’t take long at all to buy a secondhand part from such a source.

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What to think about

Your biggest concern here is making sure you are actually buying the right part. This can sometimes prove to be a tricky aspect. If you are looking for a replacement part, consider the following areas:

The part code. In some (but not all) cases there is a part code that has been etched into the part. While this is not always the case, if you can find a part code on the part (sometimes they are obscured by dirt and grease from the engine etc.) this is a good way to ensure the seller of the spare part can identify exactly which part you need.

Vehicle identification number. This is a number that is linked directly to the actual vehicle you own. It’s unique, and again this will help part sellers identify the right part of the vehicle. You can contact the manufacturer to find a vehicle identification number. Sometimes there are charts online that specifically give you the number for your vehicle.

Take the part. This is where you actually take the part that needs replacing to a breaker’s yard or seller and show it to them. This is an obviously effective way to find the right part. Even just having it in front of you when looking for a replacement part is useful.

Think about where you are prepared to look for spare parts. When searching for integrated engineering parts, it’s important to consider all your options, including online marketplaces and specialized dealerships. With the Internet now being the place where you can buy most things, the options are much wider than they used to be. You can try online forums, which also allow you to have conversations with enthusiasts who can give advice.

You can also try specialist websites, for Peugeot car parts and spares for example, that allow you to work with part numbers and have photos etc so you are more confident when buying. These are great places when it comes to speed and efficiency. For example, while in the past you had to visit a breaker’s yard, a lot can now be done online.

Take care to think about the above issues. Knowing which part you need and where to look for it is half the battle when it comes to buying shares. With online support, the job is a lot easier than it used to be.