Wheelchair Accessories.

What accessories are essential for the use of a wheelchair? We list the most useful ones! Wheelchairs are technical aids that improve the mobility of people with mobility problems or motor disabilities.

There are a wide variety of wheelchairs on the market, allowing them to be adapted to the needs of each user. Also, there is a wide range of accessories for chairs that allow you to increase your quality of life and autonomy.

How To Choose A Wheelchair?

To determine the chair model, certain basic functionalities must be taken into account. Some of them are wheelchair measurements, types of disability (impairment of motor limitation in the user), load that the chair supports.

The chair’s measurements and the environment where it will usually be used, indoors or outdoors, should also be considered. If the wheelchair is used repeatedly, it is advisable to have anti-bedsore cushions.

It is also essential to know if the user can move the upper trunk to propel himself. The route or the distance that is estimated to be approximated to know if it will make shorter or longer routes. This is convenient to know the necessary size of both the front and rear wheels.

Another factor to consider is if we need it to be foldable so that it can be easily transported and that it takes up little space.

Stairlift Solutions For Wheelchairs And Short-Distance Lifts

It is common to find architectural barriers in the environment. This directly affects the autonomy and also safety of people in a wheelchair.

For this reason, it is essential to adapt to the environment so that they can feel integrated and be able to participate actively like the rest of society. You can also get a full-size wheelchair vans for their easy movement

For this reason, there are lifting platforms or stairlifts. They are solutions that allow people in wheelchairs to go up and down the stairs. They are versatile aids that adapt to the different stairs (straight, curved, interior, and exterior sections). Also, they are suitable for public and private buildings, neighborhood communities, and even single-family homes.

These aids can be folded, taking up very little space at the installation site.

On the other hand, there are vertical elevators or short-stroke elevators. These solutions are designed not only to transport people in wheelchairs or with disabilities but for everyone. These aids help transport people who are loaded with the baby’s stroller, etc.

The vertical lifts allow you to overcome short sections of up to 3 meters. Unlike elevators, elevators have low energy consumption. They usually work with an electric endless traction system or a hydraulic system.