Car rental for weddings. 5 essential tips

If this is the year you get married, that is “your year”, and they finally told you “yes” or vice versa, you should know several important things about car rental for weddings so that everything goes smoothly and nothing gets out of the way marked when you hire the private transportation service for the wedding ceremony.

The Luxury car hire are going to give you 5 simple and common sense tips, but that sometimes we pass among the thousands of tasks that we have pending for our wedding.

1.- Compare and ask for several car rental quotes for weddings .

We recommend, first of all, to compare prices, opinions, reviews … ask for two or three estimates with the wedding itinerary well described and even make a couple of calls. Sometimes nothing like a first impression to see what some companies or others make you feel and how they treat you in those first important seconds.

You always have to ask if the additions, such as the decoration or flower arrangements of the car with a driver or the travel of other people with that vehicle, are a separate budget or cost. The more closed everything is in a wedding car rental, the better.

2.- Choose well the car model for your wedding.

There are hundreds of wedding car rental companies and of various types: classic car rental for bobas, Viano van rental for weddings, minibus rental for weddings, limousines for weddings , etc. Depending on the theme of your wedding, you can choose if you want to go in an old car, a last generation car or something more picturesque. The decision is yours, but considering point 1, you should not have problems. Choosing the model is like choosing the venue for your wedding .

Of course, make sure that if you choose a classic car or some other more particular vehicle, they have all the licenses and permits to be able to drive on public roads. Our recommendation is that you rent a modern car type Mercedes Benz S-Class limousine, which are the ones we use in Luxury Chauffeur and have always been very popular with our clients and boyfriends.

Why? Because it is very important that the back of the vehicle is wide , so that both the wedding dress and the veil and other accessories do not wrinkle or spoil. Just as important is that the car is tall inside. It would be a shame if your headdress or hairstyle was damaged when entering and leaving the vehicle. We will help you with all these details to be perfect!

3.- Wedding car protocol.

Your wedding car must go to pick up and receive the bride at the place where she is going to leave already dressed and prepared for this great occasion and must always be as close as possible to the door, so that the gleaming bride does not walk or go to a great distance. It may rain, windy, or the sidewalk may be dirty. It is essential to locate exactly the location of the car that will be waiting for you to avoid that the wedding dress suffers the least.

Another important aspect when hiring a wedding car rental is the placement of the bride in the car or how she should sit correctly for the transfer. A tip that we give you from Luxury Chauffeur: the passenger seat must always be unoccupied . The driver is a professional and in order to act as such, he must never have a companion. The concept of a wedding car or bridal car is incompatible with taking advantage of the last available space in the vehicle. It is nothing formal. It goes without saying that the bride’s seat is the most relevant: the right rear seat of the vehicle.

Another protocol tip is that it will be the best man or the groom who will have to open and close the doors of the vehicle for the bride to leave or enter. The driver does have and must open the passenger door so they can enter or exit. In short, the bride should be made easier by the best man or the groom, and the driver for the latter.

If the car were for the groom, it should also occupy the right place at the back and the godmother would accompany him to the side. Although if you want, the groom can leave that preferred seat to the godmother.

But above all remember: simplicity and naturalness in your wedding above all else.

4.- Choose driver. Yes, you can choose it!

Not only the car is important, so is the professional driver who will take you from your home or hotel to the church and then to the catering or restaurant. In Luxury Chauffeur you can choose the driver, since all our drivers speak Spanish and English (some French, German or Italian), have studies, are intelligent and have the necessary sensitivity to live up to the protocol and the ceremony of your wedding .

A wedding car rental service must be a full service. We will choose the driver that best suits the characteristics of the itinerary, the type of guests and the car model. They themselves take care of the floral decorations for the wedding car, make the tour days before, to verify that everything is fine and speak directly with you or with the person in charge of the private transfer of your wedding if you wish by email or phone. Our drivers are uniformed and their presence is impeccable . They will be discreet, kind and punctual so that you only take care of enjoying yourself.

5.- Make the service contract with enough time.

It is always advisable not to leave the choice of your wedding car until the last moment. It can be an easy management, compared to other wedding arrangements and the sooner you “delete it from the wedding list” the better.  It is advisable to hire a wedding car rental between 6 and 3 months in advance . When you sign the contract, verify that the data is correct: date, day, model and itinerary well marked and in writing.

At Chauffeur de Lujo we are very flexible if later you want to modify the transfer of the bride , boyfriends or companions, but always starting from a closed itinerary, so that we can, if necessary, go through it days before and verify that there are no blocked streets, breakdowns.

Booking a wedding car service well in advance can also save you money, since normally (at least we do) you can get discounts for prepayment , either part or all. If the wedding does not take place, of course, the money should be returned to you.

Ideally, you should not be in charge of this management, but rather delegate and hold a trusted friend, family member or guest responsible for receiving and coordinating the service. That day you just have to enjoy and live the moment.