Elegant transport: why use private car hire for formals

The school formal is one of the most exciting times in your child’s teenage years. It’s an opportunity to get a date, dress up and party with their schoolmates, with luxurious venues playing host to these spectacular occasions!

It’s also the best excuse to arrive in absolute style, and what better way than through luxury car or limousine hire? There are many reasons for choosing this form of transport for your child’s formal, and we’re going to go through a few of them below:

  1. It’s the most practical way to get there

Because your child doesn’t want to be standing out the front of the pre-party waiting for a ride share – it’s inefficient and kills the vibe! Instead, the best formal car hire Gold Coast has will ensure that your child, their date and their mates get to the big event in the most practical way possible.

None of that waiting around for a driver that might not even show in the end – they want to get to this awesome event on time! What’s more, their driver will have a thorough knowledge of the Gold Coast roads, and will pick them up directly from their location before transporting them around over the night.

This easily makes it the most efficient way to travel!

  1. It’s also the safest

To your car hire company, your child and their friends’ safety is the number one priority. The driver will have years of experience providing the same and similar services, and knows the roads very well. Safety is imperative when transporting teens around on the big night, so you should always choose a trusted option and one that has a reputation for providing a safe service.

  1. It’s the stylish way to travel

Because they don’t want to show up in a dodgy old rideshare car – that’s not very formal-worthy! They want to show up in the pinnacle of style, in a vehicle that says, “yes, we’ve taken it to the next level and we’re here to really celebrate!” After all, there is nothing stylish about squabbling over who’s going to pay what for the rideshare – it’s just a nuisance!

With the opportunity to choose from both classic convertible and stretch limousines, your child can rest-assured that they and their mates are going to be making a really grand entrance. It’s easily one of the most enjoyable parts of the night, and actually adds to the occasion’s excitement instead of being an annoying expense.

  1. It’s more comfortable

Because arriving in style is one thing, but arriving in comfort is also a must! Because, after all, who wants to be crammed into a stuffy rideshare when they’re all dressed up for this massive teen occasion? We know which option we would go for, and it doesn’t involve sticking the smallest friend on the middle seat just so their taller mates can have more leg room.

Instead, you can choose from a truly comfortable classic sedan or, better yet, a stretch limousine with all the space they could possibly hope for! After all, getting taxis around is already a nuisance enough, and it’s also a very uncomfortable nuisance!

  1. It’s just a much better option

Your child has gone through their primary and homeschooling years and deserves to arrive in style. And, what better way than with luxury car hire? It’s easily the best way to get around, and will ensure that your child arrives safely in style – could there be anything better for their formal?