Get a vintage jeep in an all-new look from Vigilante

It’s no surprise that people love to own a well-built jeep. The idea of having a rebuilt vintage jeep is quite tantalizing, but having the one is somehow difficult as very few dealers offer such a jeep. Vigilante is one name whom you trust, who understands the prominence of old jeeps. The whole team appreciates people’s emotional connection with their SUVs. Hence, the team rebuilt, polished, and give an amazing makeover to old jeeps giving them a completely new look.

If you are thinking Vigilante4x4 is new in the industry, then they are not! Being having 20 years of experience, Vigilante is introducing their new company called Jeep Heritage.

Jeeps are excellent for road trips due to the adventurous visions we can think of with them. All those jeep owners truly can relate to this. Jeep lovers can imagine open road trips, tackling the terrain, traveling beside rivers, and living a lavish traveling life.

Vigilante is familiar with your dreams and ready to provide a one-stop solution by restoring old jeeps. Get the interior and exterior of your jeep restore the way you want. Moreover, the team is upto rebuilding the chassis as well to resist the forces of modern powertrains.

Jeep Cherokee Chief — Vigilante 4x4

It’s not at all easy as it seems!

Lots of research and hard work is behind the jeep classic restoration. Right from the contemporary engine to working on a classic vehicle, all the processes are done under the expertise of professionals.

Why Jeep Grand Wagoneer?

Aforesaid, jeeps are rebuilt to be tailored with modern suspension, engines, and brakes. Vigilante is highly specialized in working on old SUVs especially from the era of 1964 and 1991. During that time, the company introduced three best models named – The Jeep Cherokee, Jeep Grand Wagoneer, and Jeep J-Truck.

Power is the utmost important thing focussed at the time of rebuilding jeeps. Therefore, Vigilante fit them with the latest HEMI engines, which are similar to Trackhawk and Grand Cherokee SRT jeeps variants. And for those enthusiasts who desire not just performance but also a commanding presence on the road, a Tacoma front bumper could be the perfect addition to complete the formidable look of your restored vintage jeep. The only motive of Vigilante is to give comfort and a powerful ride at the same time.

The customers of Vigilante have lavish to select out from three HEMI engines, which are rated from 485 HP to 1000 HP. They choose based on engines’ performances.

Wrapping up!

Vigilante is an ultimate place where designers, workers, and engineers work together to give a newly designed jeep with the same old vintage feel. The whole process starts from scratch to resolve future problems like rust and damage.

Visit if you are also wants to enjoy riding an extravagantly designed jeep.