Are Car Subscriptions the Next Big Thing?

The modern commerce landscape has seen a boom in subscription services. Everything from how we view TV and movies to how we purchase food has been impacted by this revolution. But have you heard about car subscriptions?

If you haven’t, read on to find out why they’re the next big thing in vehicle ownership.

What are Car Subscriptions?

Unlike traditional buying and selling of vehicles, car subscriptions are here to offer far more flexibility. Leasing has always been popular because it allows people to get a new car after a set period. But now, car subscriptions take it one step further.

You can find a range of different car subscriptions services. Some offer users the chance to swap cars every twelve months. Others charge a monthly fee and give users a certain amount of swaps each month. That’s right – each month. Meaning, you could potentially drive a fuel-efficient family sedan for 3 weeks, and then swap to a much larger vehicle for a week-long road trip.

Customers Love Variety

One of the driving forces behind car subscriptions is our desire for variety. It’s certainly why more expensive ‘satellite’ TV subscription services are being replaced by cheaper streaming alternatives. The same is now happening with cars. 

Some people have a genuine need for different cars throughout the month. Others simply love having something different to drive around. Whatever the reason, car subscriptions are here to give people the variety they crave.

Car Subscriptions Offer a Chance to Try Before You Buy

For most people, buying a car is a huge investment. While we may live in a society where impulse shopping leads us to buy a new t-shirt we don’t need, most people are much more selective about larger purchases.

So, for savvy car shoppers who want to really experience a few different cars before they buy, car subscriptions are perfect. You may sign up for a couple of months, try a range of cars for a week at a time and then settle on the one you’d really like to make your own.

A Range of Subscription Options

Subscription services are all about variety, and that’s what they offer. It’s not just one kind of service out there. You can find heaps of different setups to suit your own needs. 

For those who just want a new car every year, you can find services that offer an annual vehicle swap. If you’re excited by the prospective of driving a new car every week, there’s subscription services that let you. 

Obviously, car subscriptions are priced accordingly, so the more swaps you want, the more you will pay each month. It’s totally up to you and your budget!

Greater Flexibility for Your Lifestyle

Car subscriptions are all about flexibility. Many car users want the fuel efficiency of a small car for their daily lives, but often wish they had something bigger when they need it. Maybe you’re moving house, taking a holiday or want to go camping. The hatchback probably won’t do the job. So, with a car subscription, you could swap to something bigger for a week and likewise go back to something smaller.

Car subscriptions give you the flexibility to always have the right kind of vehicle available for whatever life throws at you. As our lifestyles change, and more importantly our views on asset ownership change, we expect car subscriptions to be the next big thing.