4 Benefits of In-Vehicle Cameras in School Buses

Child safety is a critical issue in Indian society and concerned parents will not leave any unturned stone, when it comes to providing them with the safest environments, which includes the time they spend on transit to and from school. 

School buses carry most kids around India and surveillance is now a necessary part of any school transport system. Installing an in-vehicle camera in the buses is the best way to ensure effective surveillance.

Here are 4 benefits of installing an in-vehicle camera in school buses:

  • Identifying Dangerous Practices:

The main aim of installing a dash cam in school bus is to monitor and see what is happening inside the bus and offer secured space to school kids. Such a camera allows the school admin in identifying if someone is breaking the in bus laws set by the school or if any kid in the bus is not well or is uncomfortable.  It even helps in making sure that the driver and conductor of the bus are doing their duties in a better way.

  • Real-Time Bus Tracking:

In Vehicle cameras have some of the amazing features t0 offer users with real-time tracking of the bus in the most sorted manner. This allows fleet management companies and transportation providers to always know the bus location. So apart from the passengers on the bus, with GPS, even parents can keep an eye on their kids too.

With such a feature bus management can get to know the real time location of the bus and can update the parents if there is any change in the route or if the bus could be late, which can help in transparency in communication. 

  • Boosts Safe Driving:

Rash driving is one of the most common things that can be seen on Indian road and one of the biggest reasons behind this is the lack of responsibility on the part of many novice and careless drivers. Nevertheless, with the help of a dash cam installed in the bus, driver can be if in case he does anything wrong it will be recorded on the cam and can lead to any penalties.  Some of the most common mistakes that a driver does are: over-speedingdistracted driving and route diversions. 

  • Multiple Access:

We mentioned earlier that school bus surveillance by CCTV allows access to all stakeholders, including mostly parents and school authorities. Parents receive instant notifications when their children have been picked up or dropped off. From anywhere, they can test their kids and they can know where their kid is, and the path he or she takes to school.

KENT CamEye for schools works on similar grounds and ensures that the kids on the bus remain safe and reach their destination in time. The device has dual cameras that record everything happening inside and outside the bus and also offers live video stream of the same. The device even lets you know the real-time location of the vehicle and ensures that you remain in touch with your vehicle always. 

This device is available on amazon and CamEye’s website and can be bought at Rs.17, 999 with 3 months free subscription. For more information visit us at – https://www.cameye.com or call our Customer Service assistant at 011-66765030.