Dealers that buy and sell vehicles are a great place to find affordable cars. Buy-and-sell deals do not always mean you get a used car. Some dealers purchase new vehicles and put them on the market again. But if you want an inexpensive car that you can call your own, you can opt for the cheaper used car.

Here are the advantages of purchasing a used car from buy-and-sell dealers:

ADVANTAGE: You get to own a car at a lower price

If you can’t afford a brand-new car, which can be expensive or can’t sustain subscribing to a car rental company in Singapore, the cheapest way is to purchase a second-hand car.

Depending on the age, a second-hand car can be 50% cheaper than its original selling price. Other factors affect its cost, too, such as the model, mileage, and brand. Nevertheless, they are still more affordable than other vehicles on the market.

DISADVANTAGE: Hidden issues

Perhaps, the primary drawback of used cars is quality. A second-hand car is not in its best state, compared to its brand-new condition. There may be hidden problems as well, which can be the potential reasons for its very low price.

But you can avoid low-quality cars by checking the car’s history. Has it been involved in any accidents? Are the repair and maintenance records clean? Usually, a vehicle rental company provides the car’s maintenance history to potential buyers, but you can always ask a professional mechanic to inspect the vehicle for you.

ADVANTAGE: You can customise the car

Usually, manufacturers forbid car owners from customising their brand-new cars until they reach the age of at least three. Since some buy and sell vehicles are commonly passed their insurance age, drivers can immediately personalise their cars.

They can change the seats, add other decals and features, and replace and upgrade parts without worrying about the warranty right after purchasing the vehicle.

DISADVANTAGE: Outdated technology

Expect your used commercial vehicle in Singapore to have outdated technology, especially those five or more years older. Some may still lack a GPS, while others are stuck in manual drives.

But as mentioned, used cars can be customised. You can always replace the old tech with new car parts and features. However, the downside is finding compatible components. Besides it can be expensive, it is time-consuming, too.

Weigh these pros and cons before hitting your vehicle rental company for buy-and-sell deals.

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