Benefits of Day Insurance

Driving a car without insurance is a legal issue in the UK. The Road Traffic Act 1988 requires all drivers to be insured. Having car insurance essentially covers all the expenses your vehicle might incur in case of damage. It not only provides protection to the driver and the car owner, but also covers damages and injuries to other drivers and passengers.

However, not every person in the UK owns a car. In fact, there are many people who are occasional drivers. For such people, day insurance is the perfect solution. Day insurance is temporary insurance, and despite its name, it doesn’t last for just one day- it can range from a few hours to many days at a time.

There are many benefits of day insurance. Some of which are discussed below.

One of the biggest advantages of day insurance is flexibility. Insurance companies in the UK offer coverage depending on how you intend to use the vehicle. The policy is conveniently available on the internet, and you can simply buy it depending upon the use. Most companies in the UK offer day insurance ranging from one to 30 days. However, Day Insurance provides temporary insurance for the exact amount of time you need. They allow you to take out day insurance which covers the vehicle and the driver from one hour to one month.

Day insurance provides coverage from damage or loss including accident, fire, and theft. These are essentially the same aspects covered in annual insurance.

Lower Cost
Day insurance is typically available at a lower cost compared to annual insurance. Various insurance companies provide day insurance in the UK. This intense competition in the industry allows customers to choose the most cost effective option.

Day insurance policies are more readily available compared to annual car insurance policies. Since it is short term, lesser paper work is involved. This is the reason why day insurance is widely available on the internet.

No Claim Bonus
One of the major advantages of day insurance is that it can be purchased along with an annual insurance. By purchasing a temporary insurance for the car along with an annual insurance will help save No Claim bonus in case of an accident. So if your teenager is learning to drive a car, buying day insurance will save your discount from the annual insurance in case of an accident. Similarly, it can be an added benefit if you are lending your car to someone.

The insurance companies provide day insurance for cars, vans, and motorhomes for the exact amount of time you need.