Will Your Insurance Cover Windshield Damage?

Understanding what your auto insurance policy covers and what it does not can be confusing. Insurance coverage may not be a concern until you need your windshield replaced or repaired. Most car owners become concerned about their insurance coverage when they have a cracked windshield.

Not all insurance policies and types cover windshield damage. Learn what your comprehensive, collision, and liability insurance will cover when it comes time to replace or repair windshields.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive auto insurance typically covers scratches, chipped windshields, as well as cracked and shattered ones. The coverage usually includes repairs and replacements for damage caused by:

  • Gravel and rocks
  • Hail or ice
  • Storms and other natural catastrophes
  • Deer or other animals colliding
  • Vandalism and theft

Comprehensive insurance will cover the cost of new glass or repair work if your windshield was damaged by something other than a car accident. Ask your auto insurance provider to be sure. Verify that your insurance policy covers car glass damage, including windshield repairs.

Check Your Insurance Deductible

Many policies that include car glass coverage have relatively high deductibles for auto glass. Some policies apply the deductible only to windshield replacements, not repairs. Make sure the deductible for a windshield replacement or repair is less than the estimate.

You Can Now Make Changes to Your Insurance Premium

If the damage was not caused by an accident, having your car glass replaced or repaired should not impact your insurance premium.

How to File an Insurance Claim

It’s important to submit a claim as soon as possible. Your insurance company will determine if the damage is covered under your policy. Agents may ask for more information or request an inspection to assess the extent of damage.

After that, find a reliable auto glass repair shop. Once the job is completed, you can request reimbursement from your car insurance provider.

Full Glass Coverage

Full Glass Insurance is an optional addition to comprehensive coverage that drivers can choose. This insurance covers the cost of replacing or repairing a windshield without requiring a deductible.

There Are Many Types of Insurance

When an accident damages the windshield, collision coverage and liability insurance will cover it. However, this is the only situation where it will be covered.

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